A 4-week, focused Pinterest course customized for bloggers and online business owners who want to increase their blog/website’s  visibility, grow brand awareness, and skyrocket profitability.

I’m a Pinterest manager. I serve clients in the US/UK etc. Offering Pinterest services is one of the ways I make $$$$ from my blog.

I am sure you have heard of Pinterest before…

I mean, even if you don’t, your target audience probably does and spends long hours scrolling through Pinterest looking for:
✓ new recipes to try,
✓ or new ways to decorate their home/office,
✓ makeup styles to try, fashion inspiration,
✓ more info about the business they want to start,
✓ tutorials/DIYs on how to start/do/be anything you can possibly think of (from painting to drawing, to starting a business/blog, to starting a freelancing/digital marketing business, baking, budgeting,– virtually anything).

They might even have a board or boards dedicated to their DREAM wedding, business, office, or anything.

And if your target audience is in the tier 1 countries (let’s just say you are not targeting Nigerians), then they are certainly using Pinterest to make buying decisions, plan their businesses, and also purchasing those products, tools, services, or even courses they need, directly on Pinterest or through websites/blogs (like yours) they found on Pinterest.

Did you know that for new blogs, Pinterest can help you get traffic to your blog fast while your SEO strategy is still coming up?

The best time to have gotten on the Pinterest wagon was 3-4 years ago when the platform was still fresh and it was easy for anyone to see quick results.

The next best time to get on Pinterest is NOW!

You shouldn’t wait any longer.

There are MILLIONS using Pinterest daily and it is going to continue to grow! You don’t want to waste any time. You want to jump on the Pinterest wagon AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

If you think about it, almost EVERY pin on Pinterest links to a blog post or website. Your blog and business can be a part of all that!

I will teach you everything from A to Z about using Pinterest for your business and blog.

Don’t be the blogger or entrepreneur who keeps hearing about Pinterest for business but doesn’t know what to do, where to start or how to get it to work for them, and only wishing they could also get the results other bloggers seem to be bragging about.

Pinterest functions on keyword searches, backed up by well-designed visual content, to get you traffic to your website.

While “traditional” social media platforms will do everything in their power to keep you on their platform, Pinterest is specifically designed to get your target audience to your website.

When someone clicks on your pin, they are going to a piece of content or product you are leading them to – and then you have the opportunity to turn them into fans and customers with a sales/marketing funnel.


✓ How to properly set up your Pinterest for Pinterest SEO
✓ How to find keywords to help you rank higher in searches
✓ The keyword strategy I use to help my clients rank as you see in the image below
✓ How to create a click-worthy pin & make sure you are getting the traffic you deserve
✓ How to drive traffic to your blog through Pinterest (including how often to pin, where to pin, how not to pin, and more)
A detailed step by step guide on how to automate your Pinterest activities so you have time for other stuff,
✓ How to make money on Pinterest
& so many helpful tips to keep in mind when you are Pinning!
✓ How to start offering Pinterest services– if you chose to.

There are so many ways to make Pinterest work for you!

I love Pinterest so much and swear by my strategies (which I use for all my foreign Pinterest clients) that I put together an affordable N5,500 ($15) Pinterest course so you can learn how to make Pinterest work for you too!

This is the first batch of this course and the fee will go up have about this offer or Pinterest.


Hey there, I’m Grace…

I was already blogging for 3 years when I discovered the power of Pinterest for blogs and online businesses. Since then, I started using Pinterest for myself saw results, and soon started offering Pinterest services. I  developed The Wholehearted Pinning Method, a 4-week crash course designed specifically to give you the tools and skills necessary to set up and manage your Pinterest Business account in a strategic, profit-driven way!  I will be teaching you everything I do to grow my client’s account as a Pinterest manager.

Smarter Pinterest Marketing In Just 4 Weeks!

self evaluation for a more productive year

Week 1: Account Set Up & Optimization

This week covers everything you need to know about Pinterest and building a solid foundation for success. This includes lessons on account optimization, board creation, keyword research, & more!

Week 2:Canva and Pin Creation

A deep dive into pin creation using quality images and content. This week covers Pinterest graphics design software (like Canva, Adobe illustrator) and how to use them to design high-quality pins, and how to determine which content to create pins for.

Week 3: Tailwind & Pin Scheduling

Week three is all about creating a pinning strategy that will help you rank (including how often to pin, where to pin, how not to pin, and more), using Tailwind to get your pins scheduled at optimal times, and more to help put your account on autopilot!

Week 4: Analytics & Processes

One of the most important (and often overlooked!) parts of Pinterest marketing is understanding the analytics and using them to inform future business decisions and content creation. You'll also learn how to make money on Pinterest & so many helpful tips to keep in mind when you are Pinning

Who is The Pin Method meant for?

The Wholehearted Pinning Method is designed for business owners, bloggers, and content creators who offer a product, service, and/or content which provides value to their audience. This course is ideal for Pinterest business account beginners who are new to Pinterest marketing.

1st Batch Starts on February 22

Enroll Now and Get an Early Bird Discount!

Pay N5,500 instead of N15,000

What’s Included?

Live Weekly Trainings on Zoom

This course consists of one webinar and 4 weekly Zoom calls with other members of the course. The calls will include an in-depth training and a Q&A. All calls will be recorded so that you will have access to them even if you have to miss a session and after the course is completed.

Tailwind & Canva Demos

Tailwind and Canva are tools that are crucial to Pinterest success. This course will walk you through both of these step-by-step so that you can create and schedule pins like a pro! 

Time Saving Strategies & Tips

Every business owner is concerned with saving time, am I right?! This course will teach you time-savings tricks to optimize and re-purpose your content and get you the results you deserve!

Complete Account Set-Up & Optimization

During this course, you will create and optimize your Pinterest business account based on what is taught in the classes which will give you a foundation for success. 

Access to Private Facebook Group

Every business has different goals and I want to be sure to help you to reach yours! This is why this course includes access to my new private Facebook group only open to The Wholehearted Pinning students

Custom Tools & Templates

This course includes access to tools and templates to track progress and simplify processes. This includes my Pin description formula, Analytics tracker, and Tailwind checklist. You’ll also learn how to drive affiliate sales on Pinterest.


Most frequent questions and answers

You will receive an email from me with some more details about the course structure and a short questionnaire so that I am able to learn some more about your business and Pinterest goals!

In addition to the Zoom trainings each week, there will be other “assignments” in between calls in order to optimize our time together and for you to get the most out of this course. Please allow at least two extra hours per week for assignments.

After the course, you will be set up to begin managing your own account and maybe that of a client. Pinterest values consistency and community, so you will need to continue to allocate at least two hours per week to Pinterest moving forward depending on the type of results you are targeting. 

You can always contact or email me at grace@wholeheartedlygrace.com if you have more questions! 🙂

After each Zoom training you will receive the recorded call so that you are able to watch it again at your own convenience. I do recommend attending at least 3 out of the 4 live training sessions to get the most out of the course. For the one-on-one calls, I will do my best to accommodate your schedule and will allow one reschedule per call. 

You will need to create a Pinterest business account prior to beginning the course. If you don’t have one yet, or need to switch your personal to a business account, I will send you directions to do so. We will also be using Canva and Tailwind. If you already have these accounts, that’s great! If not, no worries! We will get you all set up with them once you are registered.


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