How To Overcome Self-Doubt

Self-doubt is something I have struggled with for the most part of my life. I constantly doubted myself, abilities, capabilities, looks, so much that some days I felt like a fraud and I could never bring my self to accept compliments from anyone. Self-doubt sucks. And here are 3 steps to help you overcome it

How To Stop The All-Or-Nothing Thinking

Do you have a tendency of thinking “it’s all-or-nothing?” How do you stop the all-or-nothing thinking? I am a perfectionist. I tend to hide it and make sure others don’t notice it. Lately, I have been experiencing the downsides of the melancholic tendencies which is the complete opposite of ‘perfect.’ But as a perfectionist, I struggle with so many things like: –Trusting other people to do the job as good as I would (not because I do it any better– it’s …

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