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Say goodbye to overwhelm, the doubts, the discouragement and the confusion that comes with starting and running a blog for your business or starting an online business and welcome to the community of like minded people who are ready to start seeing results.

 Blogging is a very important tool for growing and gaining visibility for your business and quickly establishing yourself as an expert/authority in your niche.

 This calls for some celebration!!!

I'll send you more information on how to get the best out of the course and when we are ready to go live. But let's get things started with the information below. Please read these steps carefully


Join the Facebook Group so that you can begin interacting with other students who have signed up, ask questions and become an active member of the community, as you will need it when the course begins. CLICK HERE TO JOIN NOW


Wipe out your phone now and open your calendar to July 21st - August 24th. Add it to your calendar. Be sure to include at least 2 hours’ time block for it daily to enable you to watch the video for the day, learn, execute, and engage in the community.  Download the Zoom app (if you don't have it already) and also block out your Fridays as we will be going live every Friday (for the period of the course) to discuss everything you've learned that week and get strategies for the next week.


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