Let go of self-defeating thoughts and the crippling self-doubt that holds you back, stop talking yourself out of the things you really want to do, own your worth, believe in yourself and show up confidently in your life and business.

No doubt the world has gone a bit gaga for self help and personal development in the past 100 or so years, and you’ve probably read or heard stories of “instant results or immediate success or overnight success”

In fact, if you type in ‘self-doubt’ into any search I can guarantee you’re going to be faced with headlines that promises to teach you how to overcome self-doubt in 10 minutes or a sales message that hits where you feel vulnerable right now.

The world isn’t short of courses, books, workshops, coaches, speakers teaching confidence. And yes, I do include this free masterclass in there.

Click, click, click, before you know it, you’re typing in your credit card numbers believing that the “beat self-doubt and build a rockstar confident in Two Minutes” program is just the ticket and is going to solve all your problems while you sleep.

This masterclass is not one of those.

My promise to you,

I can pretty much guarantee this masterclass will not change your life overnight, and for me to claim such would be unethical.

I have no idea where you are starting from,

I don’t know your story,

I don’t know where you have been or what you have been through.

And I also don’t have a clue what self-doubt looks like to you and what confidence means to you.

I refuse to guilt you into using this website or signing up for this workshop.


This masterclass is designed to teach you everything you need to know to reframe your limiting beliefs, manage  self-doubt in a way that doesn’t cripple you and take MASSIVE action toward the life you want to live and the person you want to be.

I’m not going to make any assumptions here and act as if I already know you, but I’m just going to say that this class is for you if you can resonate with any or all of the following:

  • Talking  yourself out of great opportunities and possibilities because you don’t feel capable, worthy or like you deserve them? Who talked you out of them the first time?
  • Comparing your inner world with another’s outer show and concluding that you’ll never measure up
  • Doubting yourself and your own wisdom. Which leaves you thinking ‘What the hell is wrong with me?’
  • Lack of commitment because even though you talk a good talk, something in you feels like a fraudster because you don’t believe or act like your aspirations, desires, hopes and dreams matter
  • Having low expectations for you and your life. Have you been belittled, criticized and put down once too often that you are scared to create what matters? Are you doing it to yourself?
  • Listening to and echoing the voices in your head that tells you that you’re not good enough…breaking down and crying because you’re overwhelmed or stressed and crippled by the persistent doubts rising from within you…

  • Not believing in yourself, your talents, your gifts, your work, your business. Do you actually think you can achieve what you set out to: with high optimism and motivation?
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Here's What We'll Cover:

  1. Identifying your goals and values
  2. Owning your story, strength and accomplishments
  3. Identifying and letting go of self-defeating thoughts and beliefs
  4. Taking back your power (how to actively manage your thoughts and emotions and take action despite them)
  5. Managing self-doubt and achieving those goals confidently
  6. Learning to love and approve of yourself.

What I know is This:

If you want to change your life,

1) it starts and ends with your thinking

2) see 1.

3) accept that there may be a gap in your thinking.

4) take action that enforces a belief or thinking pattern that empowers you rather than crippling you.

And (for most of us) this takes work.

It’s not hard work, really it isn’t.  It’s the simplest route.  

But guess what – we humans don’t like to change our minds.

We wait and wait until things get so bad there is no other option.

Commit to yourself:

Many people want to ‘work on themselves’ and I include in that overcoming their doubts.

A great painter becomes so by applying their lessons: using the tools she has gathered and hours of practice, not by keeping all her tools in tiptop condition.

The tools you gather (and don’t stop here at this masterclass) become second nature as you commit to using them on a daily basis. Like the painter, some of the time may be ‘trial and error’, you may make mistakes or struggle with an idea, you may find that a certain technique is not working for you.

Will you get instant results?

Do you want me to make that promise of overnight success? Nope, it’s not my style or the way I work.

I have no idea if you will apply all (or some) of the messages and lessons.

No doubt we would love all our trouble, pains, worries, vulnerabilities taken away instantly, yet life isn’t like that.

The long lasting change comes from taking massive action and stepping way out and beyond your comfort zones.


Make the decision to commit to yourself. Now is your chance to GO ALL IN and say YES to yourself!


Every Monday I send a letter to the wholehearted squad. Personal letter and a practical tip/lesson they can apply almost immediately that’d make a difference in how they show up. 

Interested in hearing from me weekly and on a very personal level and also having your question/suggestion featured?

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