Pinterest Workshop



Want to learn how to set up your Pinterest account or looking to clean it up so that its optimised for your business? 

Watch me do it live, ask questions and get help with your account.

Workshop Schedule

Date: 16th July 2020

Time: 3:00 PM EST, 8:00 PM WAT 

Mark your calendar and sign up below to gain access!

If your Pinterest Business account isn’t strategically set up for success, then you are missing out on traffic, ability to reach a global audience with your content, leads, and sales which means you’re leaving money on the table! 

Now more than ever, your visibility online is very crucial to your business success. So, if you’re not using Pinterest in a strategic way to market your digital content, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Sounds harsh, but it’s true because I’ve seen it first hand.

Right now, so many bloggers and business owners are saying “if only I started a year ago, I would be in a different situation”.

I am going to be sharing with you the exact process I go through to set up my clients account as a Pinterest Manager – usually completed within a week.

Don’t Miss Out!

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

Private Facebook Group
Step-by-step guide to set up your account for free (watch live)
Get Feedback and help with your account
Discount on my Upcoming blogging course.

Live Pinterest Workshop

Details about this workshop will be sent to the email you enter below:

Hey, I’m Grace,

I’m a Pinterest Manager, mindset and blogging coach and the face behind this blog.

I discovered the power of Pinterest when I first started using it to grow my second blog’s traffic in 2015.

Ever since, I’ve have fallen in love with the platform and recently began helping businesses and blogs around the world in the personal growth, blogging, Christian, parenting, education, beauty, and coaching niches do the same.

My goal is to help you use Pinterest to your advantage and take back your time to focus on the money-making tasks that you’re passionate about.

Let me take care of the not-so-fun things that come along with running your blog/business!


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