My Daily Routine: How To Have a Productive Day

We all want to have a productive day or days right? There’s so much to do, then there’s a huge motivation and the rush of optimism as we imagine our day, the outcome of our goals. And then we become overwhelmed and feel like there’s too little time to get all these things done, so we begin to push things off for the later. Having a great daily routine removes the overwhelm and is so important if you want to have a productive day.

How To Form Good Habits

I want to form good habits. I have realized that just about everyone wants to form good habits, healthy habits. The problem is, very few of us want to do the work to make those habits a reality. In this post, I share 13 easy ways to form good habits and make it stick.

One Hour A Day Goal Strategy

“Don’t say you don’t have enough time. You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Helen Keller, Pasteur, Michelangelo, Mother Teresa, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, and Albert Einstein.”~ H. Jackson Brown You can achieve all of your goals using the one hour a day goal strategy. John Updike—the …

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How to Look Or Be More Put Together

There is a particular person you know who at least on the surface, always look really put together. It’s hard to nail down exactly what it means to be “put together,” or to always look “put together,” but it’s easy to know when you meet someone who does. So here are 23 things you can do now to be more put together

15 Ways To Create and Maintain a Positive Attitude

Everyone can use a positive attitude. No one really wants to be around or feels comfortable being around a person with a negative attitude. A negative attitude is draining, promotes fear and a limiting mindset and focus. A person with a positive attitude has a state of mind that envisions and expects only favourable results regardless …

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