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Do you set monthly goals?

Deciding on what goals to pursue can be a challenge. But also more challenging is finding a system that makes it easy for you to set and achieve your monthly goals.

So, in this post, I’ll share with you an actionable guide that will help you set and achieve your monthly goals more efficiently.

Welcome to April! And to the second quarter of the year.

How did your first quarter go? Fabulous? or like mine, not so fabulous?

However your previous quarter went, even if you didn’t achieve any of your set goals, even if you tried and failed, even if nothing worked,

We have a new month and a new quarter here which means a new opportunity to get to work, to start afresh, to make things right and keep the promise you made to yourself at the beginning of the year.

And I’m here to help you with that. So, lets get started!

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Monthly Goals

Do you set monthly goals? How did you do with your March goals?

Everyone has a goal setting system that works for them (I think).


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My personal goal setting system looks like this:

I first set yearly goals for my Finances, Business, Personal growth and development, Spiritual life, Health, Relationship and sometimes Fun/Recreational and Contribution.

Then I break it down into quarterly goals— goals I intend to or can achieve in 3 months (12 weeks).

A 3 month or 12 weeks or 90 days however you wish to think of it – is long enough to complete a goal or project of some substance. It is also short enough to reduce the feelings of overwhelm that plagues me with yearlong goals and reduce my tendency of overplanning and procrastination.

I also realized that by adopting a minimum of three goals per quarter, I was going to complete at least 12 major goals in the coming year. For someone that was struggling with half-finished or unfinished work and broken promises, this has been a great draw.

When I implemented this for the first time, I found that it was far easier to maintain my focus and determination to succeed because the goal wasn’t too far away.

You can achieve A LOT in a quarter.

Thereafter, I divide the quarter goals into 3 (one for each month). This becomes my months’ goal which is broken into 3-5 subgoals.

Action and Thoughts:

  • What goal setting system do you use? And How has it worked for you? (Let’s chat in the comment section)
  • Set a yearly goal today (because it is still the best time to do so) for each area of your life, or review your 2019 goals.
  • Pick a goal or Breakdown your goals into goals 3 goals you can achieve in the next 90 days.
  • Pick one goal out of your 90 days goal and lets move on to the next section.

Don’t Forget to Grab your free Monthly Planner at the end of this post.

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How To Set Monthly Goals and Plan Your Month

1. Focus only on 1 or 2 Goals

One goal setting mistake I have made in the past is having too many goals to tick off in a month. This often leads to overwhelm, over-planning, procrastination and in the end not achieving the goal.

Learning to focus on only one or two goals at a time was the game changer for me.

Choose a goal or two that is big enough to challenge you, but something you can still achieve in a month.

Make this goal a goal you would feel happy about if it were the only thing you did in the year.

2. Create Monthly Sub-goals

Once you’ve chosen or created your 1-2 major goals, create monthly sub-goals for each one. The idea is that your monthly sub-goals would very clearly lead to you accomplishing your 1-2 major goals for the quarter and year.

I usually create about 4-5 sub-goals or tasks for each big goal. 1 for each week. This becomes my weekly goal. 

You can do this using the planner printable I’ll share with you at the end of this post.

Breaking down your goal helps you see the natural progression of your goal and exactly what needs to be done each week of the month in order for you to achieve the goal.

Breaking it down makes the end goal seem even more tangible. It will get you super excited about the idea of taking on your plan and tackling that one big, amazing goal of yours.

Is it possible that you could follow your plan and not achieve your goal? Of course. But you’re significantly more likely to achieve it if you actually plan like this, versus not planning at all.

3. Create Your Weekly Plan

Chose one sub-goal to accomplish each week. Break it down into daily tasks.

You need to set aside 30 minutes every Sunday to create a weekly plan of action for accomplishing your mini goal for the week ahead.

At the beginning of every week, you should know exactly what you’re looking to accomplish every day to achieve your weekly mini goal—so that you can move on to your next mini goal, in order to move on to your next sub-goal, in order to accomplish your one major goal.

4. Create A Daily Plan

Once you’ve done your weekly planning, you need to set aside time to plan every single day for the upcoming day.

I’ve soaked up a ton of productivity advice over the last several years, and this is something I hear from pretty much every productivity guru and successful person out there:

You have to plan on your own success.

Plan your day the night before.

If you don’t break it down to what you’ll do every day, then there’s no way you’ll accomplish your weekly, monthly, or annual goals.

Basically, if you don’t plan daily, you’re screwed. Either you’re going to own your day, or your day is going to own you.

I see an enormous difference in my own productivity when I plan it out thoroughly versus just wing it.

Of course, your daily plan needs to go hand-in-hand with the strategies you implement to actively avoid time-wasting triggers and activities.

Once done, you can now fill your calendar and create schedules for each day.

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Cheers to a wonderful month ahead of us!

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How to Set Monthly Goals: Do you set monthly goals? Deciding on what goals to pursue can be a challenge. But also more challenging is finding a system that makes it easy for you to set and achieve your monthly goals. So, here's an actionable guide that will help you set and achieve your monthly goals more efficiently.
Without goals, we drift from one day and one activity to the next. Find out how to set goals and more importantly, how to achieve goals in your business and be more productive..
Learn the most effective way to Set Goals and Plan Your Month

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1 year ago

Breaking yearly goals it into quarterly goals is such a great idea! I need to organize myself better!

Have a nice week!

Grace Esedeke
Reply to  Anna
1 year ago

Thank you Anna.

1 year ago

Great recommendations. I always set weekly, monthly and yearly goals. I’m THAT person 🙂

Grace Esedeke
Reply to  Danielle
1 year ago

Yea. I get you. I’m that person too

1 year ago

It’s good to have goals as it means your life has focus. Thanks for sharing 😊

1 year ago

When your a mom it’s hard to set a goal when your kid’s demand comes first before anything else. As for me, setting a goal is different from actually doing it. Sometimes I feel like so unproductive, constantly doing the same thing every day. 🙁

Grace Esedeke
Reply to  lore
1 year ago

I bet you can still squeeze out time to do the things that are Important and personal to you.

Devyani Ray
Devyani Ray
1 year ago

You are so organized! I just take it one day at a time. Great tips!

Grace Esedeke
Reply to  Devyani Ray
1 year ago

Thank you Ray.

1 year ago

I love these printables! Super inspiring to get organized

Grace Esedeke
Reply to  Saila
1 year ago

Thank you Saila. I’m glad you love them.

1 year ago

This is nice, very helpful article especially to us. It’s always important to have a goal, be it short or long term goal then focus on it.

Alice Megan
1 year ago

Love this! I think keeping yourself accountable for goals is how you turn them into a reality

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