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Welcome to The Imperfect Execution Podcast!

A personal development podcast for ambitious women (and men too) who struggle with perfectionism, procrastination, self-doubt and other sneaky sabotaging behaviors that hinders their growth.

Every week I share tips on personal growth, perfectionism, procrastination, mindset, habits, goal setting, and practical advice to help you get out of your own way, follow through on your plans and create the life you dream of.

Do you find yourself going round a circle of trying “everything” but seeing no results, wondering what’s wrong with you and deciding to start afresh (while hoping for a change)?

Join me on this podcast, let’s talk about how you are unknowingly holding yourself back and what to do about it!


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Grace does a good job of encouraging you when it comes to being a better person.

From being more organized to not accepting defeat,

this podcast can give you the boost you need to reach your full potential.


Powerful & Important Message!

Great topic and love the title of your podcast!

This is definitely me, always trying to be a perfectionist and never getting enough things done because

I'm too busy trying to get everything perfect instead of just starting!

I really liked the episode where you talk about "why consistency is important and how to be more consistent".

100% true about keeping at something day in and day out even when the results don't show up immediately,

it's a great lesson to anyone. Very impressive background as well! I just subscribed, gave a 5 star rating and reviewed


Great Show!

I enjoyed listening to this episode and I can't wait to listen to and download forth coming shows.

I love her voice, content and how relatable it is.


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Do you have a story that will inspire and empower others?

Did you at any point in your life struggle with and overcome perfectionism, self-doubt, negative self-talk, procrastination and all the self-sabotaging behaviours I talk about in this podcast?

What goals have you achieved despite these behaviours?

How did you manage or overcome them so that they don’t show up or hold you back?

Would you be kind enough to share your ‘been there done that’ story with my podcast audience (they’ll love to hear from you)?

I am looking for people who have or are making significant progress in their lives despite the sneaky negative self-defeating behaviors, who can share their story with my listeners on each episode.

If this is you, I’ll love to feature you. 

All you’ll need to do is record your story in the format I’ll send you, send it to me and I’ll let you know when the episode with your story goes live.

Send me an email with the subject: “Podcast Feature” at hello(at)wholeheartedlygrace(dot)com


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