How To Have a Productive Week

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What do you do to have a productive week?

What is a typical Sunday like for you? For me, it is one of these:

  • movies (alone or with friends)
  • hanging out with friends or family,
  • reading, writing or just laying on my bed and thinking-away time etc.

Generally, Sunday is a chill out day! Whatever your way of chilling out is.

But Sundays can be bittersweet. Because it means Monday is just around the corner.

However, if you use your Sundays to get ready for the week, it takes the stress away and guarantees a more productive week.

As much as I would like to be or imagine myself being the person who goes into a new week fully prepared, organized and ready for work and chores; sadly, I’m not one.

Being a “night owl,” I spend most of my nights awake and then go to bed really late (like 2 am late on some good days) and waking up really late, scrambling and struggling to get through the morning.

Starting a new week unprepared, and unorganized will be setting yourself up for lots of stress.

It is important to take advantage of your Sundays, use it to prepare for the week ahead and try developing habits that lead to a more productive week.


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This is something I’m learning and starting to practice myself and I thought of sharing it with you. It could be of help.


7 Things To Do On A Sunday For Productive Week

1. Set Goals for the Week: 

Start by reviewing your monthly goals and then answer the question:

“What top 3-5 things can I do this week that will move the needle in my life, business, blog relationship etc?”

Write out your Top 3-5 goals and schedule them in your planner.

2. Create a Master To-Do List: 

In your planner or To-do list app, do a brain dump- of all the activities and tasks you’d like to accomplish by the end of the week, every place you need to go, everyone you need to meet or reach out to, everything. You can create a Top 3 or 5 list for each day.

3. Plan as Much of your week as you can.

The more planning you do on Sunday, the ls less you ill have to stress during the week. You can;

  • Pick out and arrange what you will wear from Monday to Friday. 

If you are anything like me, you probably spend a lot of time every day /morning trying to figure out what you will wear (from undies to dresses to shoes etc). And more often than not, try on different clothes to see which one feels more comfy, beautiful and modest and then you realize you are already running late (hello ladies!!)…

But you can save yourself all that stress and time by planning ahead. Pick clothes you’d love to wear and arrange them in your wardrobe systematically- Monday clothes, followed by Tuesday and so on.

  • Plan out what exercise routine you will be doing each day. 
  • Choose what days you will work on your top 3-5 goals, items on your To-do list and other key activities for the week.
  • Do a meal prep– if you are into this. Check out Amazon fresh

4. Review your calendar and Time block your days:

Go through your to-do list and add your appointments, schedules to your planner or calendar app. Schedule in your planner or app your activities for each day and time block them.

Set aside time for everything (including checking emails or social media) and schedule it in your calendar. You can also create a reminder for each task.


5. Clean up:

Your room, makeup table and brushes, clothe or shoes etc.

If you can get yourself to declutter your closet, do laundry, organize your space and other simple yet time-consuming tasks, you will feel a lit destressed and refreshed and organized all week. If you can work this out on a budget to outsource it, do so so that you free up your time for other things.

Clean up your make up brushes. This task is one that’s easily and often neglected. But it is important to maintain a healthy skin. Brushes collect bits of makeup, dirt and oil from your skin and using dirty brushes can lead to clogged pores and pesky breakouts.

You can use a daily brush cleaner or makeup scrubbing glove to clean your makeup brushes

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6. Have some “Me” Time

Set some time aside for yourself.

  • read a book or magazine,
  • watch movies
  • do yoga,
  • get some facials done
  • get your nails done,
  • get your hair done,
  • possibly a little body scrub too,
  • take a walk in nature,
  • take some selfies,
  • spend time with loved ones or friends to clear your head.

Anything at all that translates into a personal time with yourself, to pamper yourself.

7. Go to bed early- to wake up early

I don’t know if it’s sleep deprivation or sleep disorder, but this girl right here is awake 80% of the night. And it’s not like I’m sleepy in the daytime.

I rarely get up to 4 hours of sleep in a day.  I have to literally force myself to sleep which I will most likely wake up in less than 4 hours thinking I’ve been sleeping the whole day.  Is there something I can do? Is this normal? (I know that’s a lame question to ask).

I have been doing lots of reading on sleep- the importance of getting enough sleep to our brain, skin, health and general wellbeing. And so sleeping (going to bed early) even if it means using aids is something I’m looking to start practising.

You should get enough sleep. Go to bed early so you wake up feeling rested, refreshed and ready to win your day.

Final Note:

Do you ever feel like you have so much to do in a week and yet get so little done?  Or maybe you don’t feel like you’re being as productive as you could be and thus slacking o your goals. I have seen that planning my week ahead often leads to a productive week and helps me reduce the stress of doing certain tasks every day. I am all for automating my days and figuring out stuff that helps me become more productive.

I recommend you give this post a try and see how far it helps you.

Additionally, having a great daily routine and the right positive mindset to carry you through the day is so important if you want to be successful and get stuff done. Do you have a daily routine? If no learn how to create one here, plus download my free guide.

Now, that’s a wrap! I hope you find this tips helpful.

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How to have a productive week

I want to hear your thoughts about this topic in the comments! 

What do you do on your weekends or Sundays to guarantee a productive or more productive week? 

Be Awesome!

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1 year ago

My bullet journal has been a savior for holding me accountable! Thanks for the great tips.

1 year ago

Totally love this – there’s no better feeling of being more productive and achieving more because you don’t have to think about outfits, clutter etc!

Grace Esedeke
1 year ago

I’m glad you love it. Thank you much! &#128522&#128522&#10084&#10084

1 year ago

I love a chill day on Sundays but know it’s a good idea to get stuff organised, so get on with it &#38 feel so much more productive then

1 year ago

Loved this. Pretty sure I need to come back and read this 10x this week so it’ll stick to my brain. Please post more tips!! &#603 xoxo

1 year ago

Totally love this – there’s no better feeling of being more productive and achieving more because you don’t have to think about outfits, clutter etc!

Evelyn Hernandez
1 year ago

We love setting our intentions on Sunday, it sets us up to be productive for the week.

1 year ago

Planning goes such a far way if you take the time to do it. Rest is something we under appreciate as well. We often try to cram as much as we can into a single day that we end up neglecting one of the things we need most to be productive!

2 months ago

[…] You can also experiment with different time management techniques — such as task batching or the Pomodoro Technique — to see what makes you feel most productive. […]

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