8 Most Effective Ways To Choose Your Blog Niche

No matter how perfectly set up your blog is, you will have a hard time getting traction if you don't have a blog niche. So in this post, I'm going to be walking you through how to choose a blog niche.

How To Choose A Profitable Blog Niche: Beginners Guide!

Everyone is doing it. Blogging. And with all the millions of blogs we have, you still want in. That’s a good thing. One of the best advice I have received as regards starting a profitable blog has been “…start with finding your blog niche — a theme or topic you will centre your blog around.”

No matter how perfectly set up your blog is, you will have a hard time getting traction if you don’t have a blog niche.

So in this post, I’m going to be walking you through how to choose a blog niche.

We will consider the following:

  • what a niche is
  • why having a blog niche is important
  • myths about finding a blog niche
  • what you need to consider when choosing a blog niche
  • best/most profitable blog niches
  • how to choose a blog niche.

Let’s get started.

So what really is a blog niche?

Basically, a blog niche is the main theme of your blog. The general topic you write about.

Your blog niche is the personality of your platform.

You can also think of your niche as an intersection of all your favourite things. These are the things you naturally talk about, the things that organically pour out of you when you create whether or not you are making money from it, the things you could talk about and teach others if you could make money from it.

Your blog niche addresses the (or specific) need of your readers. Whether you help them with a pain or problem they have, or you inspire, entertain or uplift them, you’re providing value to their experience.

Why is it important to have a blog niche?

Choosing  a blog niche is important for the following reasons:

  • Having a blog niche makes it easy to monetize your blog (I must love money a lot to begin with this Ha!!)
  • Having a blog niche quickly establishes you as an expert in that niche.
  • It helps you find your audience and position yourself against others who are writing about similar things to you.
  • Having a blog niche encourages your audience to show up. People get you, they understand you and resonate with your what you have to say. They know what to expect daily or weekly from your blog.
  • Choosing your niche helps you stand stronger in your voice and writing style.
  • Having a blog niche keeps you focused and on track.

Myth About Choosing A Blog Niche

The One Myth About Choosing A Blog Niche:

“you need to choose a blog niche you are passionate about..”

I know I talked about passion (a little) above, but I don’t really think you need to wait till you’re passionate about something before you get on with it.

If your goal is to make some dollars off your blog, I don’t think you need to only blog about your passion– even when it’s clear you can’t make money from it or might take you years to do so.

I didn’t start this blog because I was passionate about blogging or personal development.

I created this blog for 2 reasons:

  • I was at a point in my life where everything was falling apart and I needed to pick the pieces of my life and business, put them together and make something out of it.

I did a little self-evaluation and discovered that the reason(s) I failed or that my life fell apart was more internal, self-inflicted (caused by bad habits, bad money decisions, self-doubt, procrastination, negative-self talk, an all-or-nothing mindset etc).

I had learned that personal development lays the foundation for any success we achieve in life and business. So I decided to work on myself and use this blog to talk about it.

I started this blog because I wanted to share lessons, tips, hacks, and tricks (maybe) that were working for me, that  I found helpful, that I hoped to start practicing, that I thought might be helpful to someone who might find themselves in the same situation as I did. 

  • To use my 4+ years of blogging experience to help new bloggers start and grow their blog (and possibly earn from it); while making money from it. Not just a little bit of it. But the kind you read about in income reports.

I have seen that many bloggers start blogging for one or both or more of similar reasons. We all have the ‘feel good’ reason (My reason 1) and the ‘make money’ reason that we mostly don’t talk about. Most of these reasons have nothing to do with passion.

Most top bloggers who teach blogging today didn’t particularly start off by saying they are “passionate” about teaching others about blogging. They became passionate about the topic after they had made 3, 4, 5, or 6 figures from it every month.

It is easier to teach others about something or help them when you have proven results. Except you make it clear that you are on a journey; Your readers trust you more when you have something tangible to show for your “passionate talks”

This observation led me to the conclusion that once you start making money with something (whether or not you were passionate about it), you quickly become passionate or more passionate about that thing.

Following your passion and blogging about it isn’t bad. I am not against it. But it could be holding you back if your passion is in a niche that isn’t so profitable.

You can start a blog behind your passion and make money from it, but it is easier to make money in niches that your readers are passionate about and become passionate about the life that blogging allows you to live.

So rather than starting a blog in a niche you are just passionate about- which may likely not be a profitable niche, start a blog around what your audience, readers are passionate about. Write what people want to know, read, learn etc.

This leads me to the next section:

The One Thing To Consider When Choosing A Blog Niche

They are many things to consider when choosing a blog niche–

  1. Can you still blog even if you weren’t making a dime from it? (speaking of passion)
  2. Can you write actionable helpful content (that solves your reader’s problems) around that topic (speaking of knowledge base),
  3. Can you make money from it? (speaking of profitability)
  4. How long will it take you to start making money from it? Are you willing to commit for that long without ‘pay’? (because discouragement happens)

— but I want to focus on what people want.

What do people want?

Choosing a blog niche comes down to knowing and understanding what people want. Simply put, people want to be better. So,

  • if you can promise to show them to become a better parent or wife, or mom, or dad, or hubby, they’ll listen.
  • if you promise them to show them how to manage their money or make more money, they’ll listen.
  • if you promise to show them how to increase their productivity and get more stuff done, they’ll listen.
  • if you promise to show them how to get the body or shape they want, they’ll listen.
  • if you promise to show them how to deal with issues like procrastination, bad habits and build a better life, they’ll listen.
  • if you promise to teach them how to have a better relationship with God, they’ll listen.

Niches that help people solve their problems, niches that show them how to be better versions of themselves are the niches that you should look into entering.

When considering a blog niche, think more about what the people want and how you can use your strengths or ability to learn to help them meet that need.

7 Most Profitable Blog Niches To Start a Blog In–

I have seen that a lot of “how to make money from your blog” bloggers will want to teach you that you can take any blog to the moon.

But one thing I think they often miss out is this: failing to tell their readers that some niches are more profitable than the others, while some are just a plain waste of time (for someone whose goal is to make money from their blog).

So here’s a list of the most profitable blog niches to start a blog in– listed in no specific order.

(These are broad niches — they are tons of sub-niches within each one).

  • Personal Finance
  • Food
  • Lifestyle
  • Health and Fitness
  • How To Make Money- (Make money online)
  • Beauty and Fashion
  • Personal Development 

How To Choose a Blog Niche

So, if you don’t already know (by now) what to blog about, here are a few you need to do or consider to help you choose a blog niche.

1. What topics interests you? 

List 1: Get a pen and write down (without trying to censor your thoughts) the topics and things that interest you. This could be what you are passionate about (yes passion!), things you like to talk about often, things you can write about for next 3-5 years (whether or not you are paid), etc.

List 2: Circle the top 5 topic that stands out. Topics you would like to write about.

2. What experiences, skills, expertise or training do you have?

This somehow is irrelevant, But it might help add some unique flavour to your writing and allow you to speak with authority.

List 3: So, make a list of the topmost experiences that shaped you, one you’d like to talk to others about, one you’ve learned from. Make a list of your top skills and expertise and how you think they can help your blog stand out.

List 4. Circle one item out of each list that relates with one or two items in your list 2 above.

3. Is there something you are learning, would like to learn? Is there something you are working on that you’d like to share with others? 

List 5. Make a list of one or two of these things.

Merge these lists and write down the topic (or topics) that stands out. Topics that resonates with you. This becomes your niche.

4.  What is your umbrella Topic?

Now you have a topic or two on your list you could write about, what broad topic/niche house’s it?

Look through the list of 7 most profitable blog niches I shared above (you don’t have to limit yourself to those) and choose which of them houses your chosen topics. That becomes your umbrella topic. So you could say, for example:

“I am a food blogger [umbrella topic], I help people create tasty baked goods from healthy (or organic, gluten-free, etc) ingredients that can be locally sourced [niche]…” 

5. Is the Topic Popular? 

The question of “what do people want?” comes in to play here. It’s also a law of demand and supply. If you choose a niche that no one is interested in, or that people are not searching for, you will find yourself constantly struggling to get and maintain readers.

Also, you don’t need a topic that everyone is searching – just one that some people are searching for. Even it’s something only a small percentage of people have an active interest in, it can be a profitable area.

Like in the example I gave above, healthy and organic eating is a thing now. And only people who are looking to eat healthy, or have health issues they are battling, or are looking to lose weight will search for and find this niche helpful. That’s a good number already, and it’s way better than say a “how to bake” niche.

6. Does the topic have a growth potential?

The popularity of a topic or niche changes over time. And with the steady boom in technology, you can’t say for sure what people will be interested in tomorrow. That said, it is best to start a blog in a (small) niche that has the potential of becoming bigger than to get on one that will decline.

7. What is the competition leaving out?

Definitely, they are people who are writing about the same or a similar topic. So, what are they leaving out? What hole can you fill? Answering this questions can help you stand out in your chosen niche.

8. Is it profitable?

What is the potential of earning an income from this niche? What are the possible streams of income available to you? Are they many ways of earning money from this niche? How long will it take you to do so?

Need an idea?

Look at how other bloggers in your niche are making money.

See what brands are active and what products or services exist in your niche.

Try to figure out how your readers are spending their money in relation to the topic you are considering and whether you can incorporate those angles into your blog.

Putting it all together:

People start blogs for many different reasons, but eventually, we all end up wanting to find ways to make money from our blog. So why don’t we start out from the beginning with a profitable niche?

Having a niche can help you form a plan, build credibility and grow an audience, making it easier to earn an income from blogging.

If you follow the steps I listed above, choosing a blog niche should be easy.

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And when you are ready, be sure to read my next post in this series: How To Come Up With The Perfect Blog Name…

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8 simple ways to Choose a Profitable Blog Niche. Find out how to start a blog and find a blog niche so you can make money blogging. These blog tips will help you start ahead of the game.

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