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If you’ve  always wanted to start a blog but don’t know how or where to begin, this course if for you. Learn how to start and grow a blog and make money from it. 

blogging bootcamp

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Starting a Blog and Earning an Income can be a long lonely walk especially if you are having to figure it all out by yourself. That’s why I’m offering to hold your hand and guide you so you don’t have to walk alone. With proper guidance, you can do in 3-6 months what might have taken me a year or more to achieve.

Get started today and be on your way to creating a beautiful blogging experience for yourself.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

Day 1: How To Choose a Blog Niche and Name you love
Day 2: All about Hosting and Installing WordPress
Day 3: Designing and Setting up Your Blog
Day 4: Writing Blog Posts That Get Clicks and Earns You Money
Day 5: Earning Income From Your Blog
Bonus Lesson: Getting Traffic To Your Blog
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5 Days Free Blogging Bootcamp

blogging bootcamp

The free course will be sent to the email you enter below:

Hey, I’m Grace,

I created my first blog in 2013, roughly a year after graduating. I knew nothing about blogging and so I committed the next 2 years to learning to walk the tight ropes of blogging. As a broke university graduate with no source of income, I could not afford any paid blogging courses that would have made my blogging journey easier. 

I relied on all the free courses and content I could find to DIY my way through. It was a long hard walk. My first blog failed. So did the second. And the third. By the time I created my fourth blog, I already learned enough by experience. I made a few $$$$ from that blog (and my email list), then deleted them in a whimp (hello depression!) This blog Wholeheartedly Grace is barely 3 months old (as at June 2020) and already begun making $$$ from it.

I created this FREE blogging bootcamp to walk you through everything you need to create a profitable blog. I am making it easy for you to get started because I wish I had something like this to help me at the time I started.


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