Profitable Blogging Bootcamp
14-18 December 2020

Start Your Profitable Blog

Go from “I have an idea or I want to start a blog but…” or “I have AdSense on my blog, but I’m not making money”  to “I am a money making blogger”

5-days bootcamp

whether you are a beginner or you have been blogging for a year or you are still thinking of starting, I created this live course with you in mind! A 5-day intensive course to help set the right foundations for you to succeed with and make money from your blog

one month coaching

signing up for this course gives you a one month (4 weekly) coaching session with me. During which, I’ll help you come up with ideas (products or service) to start selling on your blog and more.

Support and more

Get support during the course of the bootcamp and coaching, plus you get the opportunity to collaborate with other bloggers in the class. You also get discount for my other services.


Hey, I'm Grace,

I created my first blog in 2013, roughly a year after graduating. I knew nothing about blogging and so I committed the next 2 years to learning to walk the tight ropes of blogging. As a broke university graduate with no source of income, I could not afford any paid blogging courses that would have made my blogging journey easier. 

I relied on all the free courses and content I could find to DIY my way through. It was a long hard walk. My first blog failed. So did the second. And the third. By the time I created my fourth blog, I already learned enough by experience. I made a few $ from that blog (and my email list), then deleted them in a whimp (hello depression!) This blog Wholeheartedly Grace is barely 3 months old (as at June 2020) and already begun making $$$ from it.

I created this blogging bootcamp to walk you through everything you need to create a profitable blog so that you can avoid the mistakes some of us made. I am making it easy and affordable for you to get started because I wish I had something like this to help me at the time I started.

You won’t need another blogging course after taking this one.

Starting a Blog and Earning an Income can be a long lonely walk especially if you are having to figure it all out by yourself. That’s why I’m offering to hold your hand and guide you so you don’t have to walk alone. With proper guidance, you can do in 3-6 months what took me 3 years or more to achieve.

This is the first edition of this live course. If you are among my first batch of students, you pay 5,500 Naira only (the best and most affordable fee ever for courses of this nature) after which the price will go up to 35,000 Naira. 

I teach you everything: what most bloggers won’t teach you, the best and easiest way to make money from your blog without ads (YES!! NO ADS), choosing the best hosting, picking the best name, dealing with self-doubt, perfectionism, fears and the discouragement that comes with blogging, blog design (mastering wordpress), blog post writing, email marketing, Pinterest and Google SEO, creating your own digital products.

I created this course for new bloggers, struggling bloggers, online entrepreneurs and individuals who are looking to start a profitable blog and online business, people who crave a structured, step-by-step approach to creating a blog that reflects their vision and voice, and who don’t want to waste time looking for answers all over the web. Be prepared to dive in and do the work! You won’t regret this investment, and you’ll be in great company.

Get started today and be on your way to creating a beautiful blogging experience for yourself.

Course Modules


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