My Mission On This Blog!

1. To help you become aware of the many ways you've been holding yourself back, learn how to manage or overcome those sabotaging habits and finally be empowered to show up and grow (your life and business) wholeheartedly. 

2. To help make the entire process of starting, growing and earning from your blog easier for you, so you can create a profitable blog in a shorter time than it took me to.

3. To help make Pinterest easy and 'figureoutable' for you so you can use it to grow your blog and business.

Hi, I'm Grace!

I am the overthinker, recovering perfectionist, cynophobic (I think that's fear of dogs) and introverted face behind this blog.

As you read this, I may be on a plane going somewhere (living the laptop life) or I'm locked up in my room (comfort zone) binging on some cake (any flavour is fine) or face deep in my computer (working on a client's project) or writing (procrasti-researching actually) or playing with my kid brother or doing some random stuff that is completely unrelated to anything. 

I'm a God's girl- an object of God's mercy, a trophy of His grace (something I remind myself daily).

I've been a blogger for more than 5 years (started my first blog in 2013-- READ THE LONG SAD STORY BELOW).

I am a Pinterest Manager. 

I love all things personal development and have life coaching and NLP trainings. 

Welcome to Wholeheartedly Grace!

This blog is dedicated to:

The Blogger or Business owner who feels frustrated with Pinterest and can't figure out how to make it work for her;

The New Blogger who is trying to figure out this 'whole blogging stuff' and how she can earn from it;

The Aspiring blogger who has wanted to start her blog for so long but keeps pushing it away because she doesn't feel adequate or capable enough, or ready and was afraid of what people will say;

The ambitious woman (and man too) with big goals but finds herself procrastinating on taking action, who struggles with perfectionism, self-doubt, negative self-talk, fear of failure, negative mindset and beliefs;

The one who has had the courage to pursue her dreams but failed and the one who didn’t have the courage to;

The one who is feeling discouraged right now and is considering giving up;

The one with big and fierce dreams but needs encouragement and practical tips to get going;

The one who keeps trying but is not seeing result and is starting to feel like there's something wrong with her.

Here, you will find advice, tips, hacks, guides, experiences you can relate to and actionable posts, courses, free and paid resources to help you become aware of why you aren't seeing results, how to start and grow a profitable blog and online business and what you need to do to live wholeheartedly.

Wherever you are in your life or with your blog, whatever you do, I believe that at the end of your day, it is possible to say: “I chose this life, and I'm living it wholeheartedly"

And I’m here to help with that.

What right do i have to talk about these things?

I wanted to create a life for myself where I never dreaded showing up, one where I had the time to take care of my wellbeing and actively pursue the things that made my heart skip and where myself and those around me could thrive.

So, I decided to do business. 

The thing is, I didn't realize how much this decision was going to change my life and what it truly meant. 

Until I failed.

I had a blog (my first blog in 2013) that wasn't earning me an income. I had entered for a business plan competition and won a business grant of 9 million Naira (that is $23,223). And failed in getting the business off the ground. I was dead broke, living in my parent's and completely relying on family to get by. I was frustrated and disappointed and depressed. So I deleted my blog (this was the beginning of my blogging creating and deleting spree).

This failure was both crippling and crushing and also the turning point of my life.

It made me see what I lacked, the things that were important that I hadn't been paying attention to and what I needed to do.

Painful process, but it was the beginning my personal development journey.


And as I dived deeper into personal development, I became more aware of how I had sabotaged my own efforts and growth and why I wasn't seeing results (no matter what I did) and why my business failed. And as I began to work on those things, I started seeing results.

It's been nearly 10 years of learning, failing, trying, failing and growing. And I'm grateful to God that He led me down this path. I couldn't have wished for anything else.

This is what I feel it is to be wholehearted – to decide what success looks and feels like to you– in business, life, relationships and your wellbeing – and to have the courage to go after it wholeheartedly without sabotaging your own growth and regardless of the storms.


I have been the girl, who procrastinates, who struggles with perfectionism, self-doubt, negative self-talk etc.

The girl who ambitiously started out big and failed (going back down to nothing) and have known first hand what failure, setbacks, being broke tastes like.

The girl who started blogging in 2013, deleted several of them, and afterwards, ran 2 blogs for nearly 3 years without earning a dime from them.

The girl who has never felt good enough.

The girl who has had nearly the same experiences as you but still believes that you can be or have anything if you are willing to pay the price for it, your experiences and background regardless.

This girl has a life coaching training, NLP and currently undergoing CBT training.

My best skills, experience and knowledge have been gained through setting up and growing my own businesses both online and offline over the last 7 years. I know how things work online. 

I get what it’s like to start a blog and business and fail, to try to balance other areas of your life, to manage expectations etc.

I want to use my experience and passion to help other women set up and grow successful online businesses so you can reach your version of success too.

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