7 Awesome Goal Setting Tricks

This goal setting tricks will make a difference in your personal development journey. See which one you can apply or adopt today.


Goal Setting Tricks: 1. Write down your Goals in Complete Detail

Most of us already know that it is vitally important to write your goals down.

The simple mechanical act of writing makes your goal not just visible but tangible. Once you write down your goal, it goes from being just a thought or a wish to a commitment. But it’s not just enough to write your goal down…

… You have to describe it in complete detail!

Make it as specific as possible.

“I want to make a lot of money” is not the goal.

It’s just a wish.

“I want to make $10.000 monthly with my business by July 1st.”

Now that’s the goal.

  • Your goal must be specific, detailed, covering everything you want, how you want it(medium), when you want and what you are willing to do to get it.
After writing your goal down in complete details don’t forget to make it visible!
  • Write can write it on a yellow note and stick it on your computer.
  • Or Print it so it would fit a 4×6 picture frame, then frame it and put it on your desktop.
  • You can also print it on your business card and put it in your wallet.

Try to surround yourself with as many reminders as possible.

This will help you to stay focused on your goal and create a clear mental image of what you want.


Goal Setting Tricks: 2. Find an Emotionally Compelling “WHY”

There is one question you must answer before you start achieving your goal.

Failure to answer that question will result in a lack of motivation, quitting, finding excuses to not follow through and discouragement.

WHY do you want to achieve your goal?

Have you seen people who tried to quit smoking for years but failed? Until, one day, either their health became critical or they got pregnant, at which point, they stopped smoking completely.

When your health is at risk, you will do whatever it takes to stop smoking.

The same applies to your goals.

  • When your reason to achieve your goal is strong and emotional, you will do whatever it takes to achieve it.

Without a compelling reason to act, you will never do anything about your goals.

Any worthy goal will meet with resistance.

If you have big goals for your life (I think we all do), you will have obstacles, challenges, discouragements and different roadblocks. You might even crash. The only motivator you will have for pushing through the roadblocks is your “WHY”

What is your goal? Why does it matter?

What is at stake – for you and those connected to you – if you do not accomplish your goals?

Many who set solid, realistic goals don’t achieve them. Why? They are not motivated by their Why.

  • Your Why should be about what’s in it for you. If you don’t have a stake in it, it’s not your Why.

There are reasons behind your dreams, usually dozens of them. And if you realize why you want to reach your goal, you’ll be most likely to follow your plan until the end.

For example, why would you want to lose 15 pounds in 2 months?

  • To look good
  • To feel good about yourself
  • To fit in your favourite dress
  • To impress your spouse

List every single reason. Try to imagine all the benefits.

The truth is the longer the list, the stronger your motivation will be.

  • Read your reasons first thing in the morning. Even better, frame them and hang them on the wall. It will keep you focused and motivated.


Goal Setting Tricks: 3. Create Little Actions that builds momentum to the big goal

We’ve heard these hundreds of times.

“Think Big!”

“Dream Big Dreams!”

“Make Your Goal as Big as You Can Imagine!”

So, okay… I’ve written down my BIG, almost out-of-reach goal. After all, I don’t want to underestimate myself. I know I can do this but…

But often after a full day at work, I’m just so exhausted…

…to start working on my big goal. I don’t have enough energy for BIG goals.

So, I make dinner, watch TV, do the homework and think “I’ll do it tomorrow.”

But tomorrow never comes.

Every evening I’m too tired to work on my goal. Day after day I’m feeling more and guiltier. As weeks pass by, I’m getting more depressed….

Have you ever been in this situation?

If yes, there’s a small trick that will help you to get started no matter how big your goal is.

  • Every night write down a small task for the next day.

Make it as tiny as you can. Something you can do in one hour a day

Let’s say your goal is to lose weight and you decided to work out every day for one hour a day.

You could write down your assignment:

“Do one exercise for lower abs 10 times.”

Yes, just one exercise, just 10 times. It would take you about 5 minutes for each rep.

The secret is that the most difficult thing is to get started. Once you get started you are 95% most likely to finish the whole one hour work out!

Even if you just do one exercise for 10 times, it is better than nothing.

You wouldn’t feel guilty and depressed – you’ve fulfilled your task!

And if you do more you’ll feel even better!

The trick is to give yourself a really small task:

To make a phone call, or to read one page of a textbook.

Remember, set big goals, but make your tasks small and doable. This will help you stay consistent.

Goal Setting Tricks: 4. Keep a Success Journal

Unfortunately, very few recognize the astonishing power of keeping a personal success journal. It takes only 10-15 minutes a day to write down your achievements and the tasks you’ve accomplished.

But these 15 minutes a day have the power to transform all your life.

  • Success journal motivates you.

By writing down your achievements you will be able to feel the progress.

You will see how the small steps are moving you closer and closer to your big goal.

  • Success journal serves as a reminder.

It will be easier to resist the urge to quit when things aren’t going so well. It will help you see how far you have come and give you the encouragement to keep working.

  • Success journal simplifies your life.

Things become much simpler when they are written down. A journal makes you more tolerant of life’s distractions.

However, you should be aware of three rules of keeping a success journal:

1. Write only what you’ve done.

Don’t write what you still haven’t done and what you have to do tomorrow. List only accomplished tasks and achievements. And if possible, describe also the feelings or emotions you felt when you achieved that task.

2. List even small things.

Everything counts! A phone call, a chapter of a textbook or your decision to pass by the chocolate cheesecake.

3. Make it a daily habit.

Don’t skip days! Even if you’re exhausted make sure you write at least 1-2 sentences in your success journal. Even if the only thing you did was thinking about your goal.

I urge you to take a notebook and start to list all your completed tasks.

In 30 days, you couldn’t possibly be able to live without it.


Goal Setting Trick: 5. Define The Perfect Moment For Working On Your Goal.

Are you waiting for a perfect moment to work on your goal? Are you sure you will be able to recognize the perfect moment when it comes?

There is one simple formula that instantly tells you the perfect time to start achieving your goal.

The perfect moment = NOW!

Yes, right now, this very second is the ONLY perfect moment to start working towards your goals. No, it’s not tomorrow or Monday or the first day of the month. Right now.

Don’t waste your life waiting for perfect conditions or a perfect opportunity. They don’t exist.

Use what you have, start right now, never ever procrastinate!

Have you ever noticed that all the successful people are very dynamic? They don’t lie on the couch…

…waiting for the perfect time to start doing something. They get up and DO it.


Goal Setting Trick: 6. Accept The Tradeoffs.

Having a goal is easy. The real challenge is not determining if you want the result, but if you are willing to accept the sacrifices and pain required to achieve your goal.

Answer the question: “What kind of pain do I want?”

Do you want the boring, ugly, painful, isolating and frustrating process that comes before the exciting and glamorous outcome?

You have to accept that goals setting isn’t just about choosing the outcome or reward you want to enjoy, but also the cost you are willing to pay to get that result.

So, what are you willing to sacrifice for your goals?

Goal Setting Trick: 7. Stack Your Goals:

I read about the idea of goals or habit stacking from James Clear

The concept is basically about linking your new goal or habit to something you are already doing every day.

It’s simple (2 ways):

>> Define a specific plan for where, when and how you will perform the goals.

e.g: I will go jogging for 30minutes on Friday at 5.30am at the stadium.

>> After or before [CURRENT HABIT], I will [NEW HABIT].

e.g: Before I take my morning shower, I will do a 60-second plank.

Before I get out of bed, I spend time in prayer for 10 minutes.

Goal Setting Trick: 8. Create an Environment that makes it Easy for You to Reach Your Goals.

If you want to drink more water or drink only water as a beverage (completely removing alcohol, sugar and other beverages from your drink shelf or fridge), then you should get rid of them and surround yourself with glasses and bottles of water in places where you once had those stuff you want to cut. This makes drinking more water your default decision and only “available or close” option.

If you keep your phones and gadgets in a separate room from where you sleep, it makes not checking your devices or turning on the internet and heading straight to social media first thing in the morning a default and only decision.

It is more difficult to eat healthy when your kitchen is filled with the not-so-healthy stuff.

Create an environment that nudges you in the direction of your goals.

Goal Setting Trick: 9. Switch to Identity-Based Goals

Rather than just focus on the reward or outcome of your goal, focus on who you want to or might become in the process of achieving your goal.

Set identity-based goals.

E.g: Instead of “I want to lose 10pounds by February 28” you can say: “I want to be someone who eats healthy and show up for myself by working out regularly”

This kind of goal will help you overcome the frustration of working out and eating healthy to lose weight in a certain month, for a certain event; then gain back that weight after a couple of months (because you went back into your bad or unhealthy habits) and then begin another weight loss mission.

Becoming a person who eats healthy and workout on a regular basis helps you not only to lose weight but stay healthy and fit, fight off unnecessary illnesses and helps you earn more credibility with yourself. And your future self will thank you for the sacrifices.

Setting identity-based goals is more of a value thing.

Let me know: What goal setting tricks have worked for you? 

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7 goal setting tricks: This goal setting tricks will make a difference in your personal development journey. See which one you can apply or adopt today.

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