10 Simple Daily Habits That Will Instantly Improve Your Life

It’s an established fact that the small actions we take daily, our daily habits, have a powerful impact on our lives.

But we usually don’t realize the importance of the impact our daily habits have on our future, because at the moment they feel insignificant.

But these little actions compound and can either bring us closer to our goals, or further away from them.

Habits are important because our identity emerges out of our habits. Every action (good or bad) is a vote for the type of person we wish to become and for the things we desire to have.

And so, since this post encourages or suggests habits change, it is important to note that; the most effective way to change a habit and change our lives to is to focus not on the goal we are trying to achieve but on who we want to become (the values we want our lives to preach when we have reached that goal).

Each habit we practice not only gets us results but also teaches us something far more important: to trust yourself. You start to believe you can actually make things happen. This belief becomes a motivation and enforces more habit change.

But it all starts with one daily action. Taken consistently overtime.

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Here are 10 Daily Habits That Will Improve Your Life

1. Put away your phone and laptop

Our mobile phones have become the new cigarettes haven’t there? I mean, we’re addicted and can barely go an hour without it. Some of us even have withdrawal symptom when we try putting our phones away or are made to stay without them for a while (I used to be one of those…)

Except your work depends hugely on your phone and you are able to exercise some discipline over when and how you use it, I can guarantee that your phone has negatively impacted your relationship and productivity.


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But can you imagine how much difference it will make in your life (work, relationship, business etc) if you practised putting away your phone for an hour or so a day?

For at least half an hour to an hour a day, put away your phone and laptop and spend time with your loved ones and really connect with your environment. Unplugging is critical to your sanity.

We get so wrapped up in scrolling and seeing what everyone else is doing that we forget to stop and actually connect with the people around us.

The mindless scrolling needs to stop. You need to set a dedicated time to put it away and be present. Even if you live alone, spending time with yourself, or allowing yourself to make a phone call and only focus on the phone call to a friend or family member is so important.

2. Make Sundays productive

Sundays are a critical day of the week. Without a productive Sunday routine, there’s a good chance the following week will be a mess. Preparing for the week ahead is the key to keeping your stress level down and being able to stick to your schedule and goals.

When I started implementing a Sunday routine, it drastically changed my week.

Looking for more on making Sundays amazing? Here’s a recommended read: How To Make The Most Of your Sunday For A Productive Week.

3. Start A Daily Gratitude Practice

If there’s one habit I could point to that has had the most noticeable impact on my sense of happiness and contentment it would have to be starting a daily gratitude practice.

There’s mounting evidence that a daily dose of gratitude is good for lifting your mood, improving relationships and cultivating patience. If you want to stave off depression and invest in long-term happiness, consider setting aside 10 minutes every night to practice an exercise called Three Good Things.

Created by Dr Martin Seligman, the father of modern positive psychology, the exercise is simple. Keep a journal in which you write down three good things that happen to you each day. It could be as fleeting as enjoying a great sandwich for lunch or as momentous as the birth of a child. Next to each entry, explain why it happened and who helped make it happen.

According to the Journal of Happiness Studies, when participants tried the Three Good Things exercise for just one week, they were less likely to be depressed and the positive effects lasted for months. Interestingly, the same research found similar mood-boosting effects from writing down three funny things that happened today and why. So if a gratitude journal sounds too cheesy, try a laughter journal!

As our brains are wired to be on the lookout for potential threats and negativity, implementing a daily gratitude practice re-trains your brain to constantly look for the good in your life, and to notice the simple privileges and pleasures that we so often take for granted.

4. Morning and Night Routine

Start your day the night before.

An evening routine will help you wind down and prepare for the next day. You will find by implementing an evening routine that you go to bed feeling less stressed and ready to take on tomorrow.

It is also a perfect time to plan your morning and how you’ll spend that time, take a look at your schedule, and make a general to-do list of everything you’re going to accomplish the next day.

Never underestimate the power of a solid morning routine. A morning routine not only sets your day up for success but if planned accordingly, it can create additional time in your day to work towards your goals.

This is the magic about mornings.

The time is yours because it’s happening before the busyness of the day hits. Beginning a morning routine is one of the most important daily habits that will improve your life if to start right now and implement it consistently.

Waking up early is tough (I’m not really a fan either), but it is so worth it.

5. Set Goals

We all tend to have a vision for our life. But what yearly or monthly goals will help you fulfil your life’s vision?

What does the life you envision look like for you? What do you dream of doing? I know you have something in mind you’ve always wanted to try but have been too afraid to get started. Is it starting an online business? Is it a career change?

Did you know that forming a habit of creating and writing down goals for the life you envision will help bring clarity to your vision (as to what exactly you need to do) and provide the motivation for action?

Get into the habit of identifying and setting goals for your dream life. I have linked some posts on goal setting which I believe will help you get started at the bottom of this post.

6. Create and stick to a weekly routine

Our brains love repetitions and patterns and routines, and the more you do something, the most efficient you become at doing it.

Having a routine that works for you is invaluable. It keeps you on track during the week and helps you accomplish the many things you need to do. Routines create much-needed structure and balance in our lives.

Routines provide the structure which helps you prioritize your goals, make a habit of creating and sticking to a weekly routine.

7. Plan and schedule your time

Without planning and scheduling your time, you aren’t going to be able to accomplish your goals or complete the tasks on your to-do list. Remember not to overplan though, as that is a sneaky way of procrastinating.

Yes, you can even plan your downtime where you just sit and catch up on Netflix after work. This way you still feel like you’re sticking to a schedule, while still leaving you time to relax.

Your time is valuable and it shouldn’t be wasted. Spend time each week planning how you want to spend your time.

Schedule it all on your calendar, including the results that you want to see from each block of time.

This will ensure you are producing the results you want to see by the end of the week, whether it’s cleaning your home or working on your side hustle.

My favourite planning tools are Google calendar and Trello (and recently click up). I use Google calendar to plan out my week in detail. Click up to plan projects and prioritize tasks.

I also use this beautiful planner from Best Self.co

I recommend you find a planner that works for you or you stick to a simple notebook and pen.

8. Time block your tasks

If you don’t currently use time blocking to schedule your day, this is a habit you need to start immediately. Why? Because your productivity will skyrocket.

By bundling together similar tasks, you get more done rather than bouncing from one random task to another.

I personally just started doing this, and it works like a charm. As you’re scheduling your week, try implementing time blocking as a strategy to get more done in less time.

9. Self-care

Spending a little time on yourself each week is a super important habit to start. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant or expensive, it’s just about spending time doing something you love to do that makes you feel refreshed.

Reading a book, taking a bath, getting your nails done, or catching up on your favourite show is all fair game.

It’s easy to get lost in the shuffle during the week and forget to do something nice for yourself. If you haven’t already made this a habit, I highly recommend you do.

10. Keeping your space tidy

As basic as this sounds, I find the key to my sanity during the week is keeping my home tidy. A cluttered space = a cluttered mind. It’s hard to relax when things are messy and disorganized, and it’s beyond frustrating to go to look for something and not be able to find it.

Spending time at least weekly, preferably a little each day, keeping your space tidy, clean, and organized will change your life.

This is one of those daily habits you need to start yesterday. Seriously, guys. Nothing can beat the feeling of relief once your home is clean.

Final Note

All of the little things you do each day build on each other over time. Running each day will make you a better, stronger runner. Eating right will improve your health. Working on personal development will help make you a better person. Good habits produce good results. 

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10 Simple Habits Guaranteed to Completely Transform You: In this post, I share with you 10 daily habits that will improve your life (if you DO them!).These are merely suggestions from my own experiences and there is no guarantee that you'll get the same or instant result if you do them. But you lose nothing if you try.
10 Changes To Make Today That Will Make A Difference: In this post, I share with you 10 daily habits that will improve your life (if you DO them!).These are merely suggestions from my own experiences and there is no guarantee that you'll get the same or instant result if you do them. But you lose nothing if you try.
10 Daily Habits That Will Instantly Improve Your Life: In this post, I share with you 10 daily habits that will improve your life (if you DO them!).These are merely suggestions from my own experiences and there is no guarantee that you'll get the same or instant result if you do them. But you lose nothing if you try.

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